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BA LIFE HEALTH Comprehensive Health Research Institute is a company integrating aspects of the beauty and health industry. It provides advanced medical beauty services, high-end customized skin care and health management services for the pursuit of health and beauty. With thorough cooperation with laboratories in China, Germany, France, Japan and others, we have led the research and development of highly effective muscle bottom maintenance products and safe, effective healthcare food formulations.

宜思瑞Technology Co., Ltd.:

By utilizing their professional experience and refined methods, Yisirui Technology is dedicated to a healthy and beautiful transformation from the inside out. The production team comes from different backgrounds, each bringing their fair share of experience and knowledge to the team. There are professionals in market analysis, creative design, brand quality inspection, brand operation, marketing and after-sales service, covering a wide scope. The BA LIFE HEALTH laboratory works exclusively with Yisirui Technology to supply advanced research results. To achieve optimal results, Yisirui Technology cooperates closely with world-famous suppliers, dermatologists, plastic surgeons and pharmaceutical research institutes to fully delve into the cosmology of skin, opening a new realm for beauty and health.

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